Our Constitution

  1. The club shall be named “Busby Amateur Football Club” and shall be affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Football association (SAFA) and Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA).
  2. All playing members of the club must be of amateur status and be subject to the rules and regulations of both the SAFA and the SYFA.
  3. The club is constituted to encourage and promote the development of football within the community of East Renfrewshire – as detailed more fully in the Aims and Mission Statement.
  4. The club shall consist of 3 sections namely, Senior/Youth/Junior and the management of the Club will consist of a President, Vice President, Club Secretary, Match Secretary, Treasurer, Social Convener, Website co-ordinator and General Managers for the Senior, Youth and Junior sections. These elected officials will be responsible for the running of the club.
  5. The General Managers of the Senior/Youth/Junior sections will decide who will coach/manage the rest of the teams in their respective sections.
  6. The Annual General meeting (AGM) shall be convened once per calendar year. All members to receive notification at least seven days in advance of the meeting.
  7. At the AGM the officials will be elected for the following year by a majority vote from the members in attendance.
  8. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called at any time by a written request to the Secretary, signed by a minimum of 6 members.
  9. The Secretary must convene the EGM within a period of fourteen days of receipt of the written request. The Secretary will then circulate a notice of the meeting seven days prior to the date of the meeting.
  10. Any proposal for alteration to the club constitution and rules must be submitted in writing and must be in the hands of the Secretary at least twenty one days prior to the AGM.
  11. There will be regular meetings of the club management to discuss matters affecting the club, including a report from the Treasurer of the club finances and accounts which will available for viewing by all club members during the meeting.
  12. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the control of finances and all cheques shall be countersigned by at least two officials.
  13. The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence connected with the leagues, associations and councils.
  14. The Match Secretary shall be responsible for the organising of all competitive, friendly and tournament matches.
  15. In the event of the club being wound up or folded the management of the club shall ensure all debts are settled with any league organisation and any surplus funds being given to another non-profit organisation with aims and objectives similar to our own.
  16. All players are members of the club. To become a player the person needs to approach the relevant coach for the appropriate age group and arrange to attend training. Membership is open to all regardless of gender, ability and geographical location. Membership cannot be refused without good reason and if a dispute arises regarding membership an appeal can be arranged via the complaints process.
  17. Any member/official of the club who commits an offence considered to be detrimental to the club shall have the offence dealt with by the management of the club. The decision will be made known to the offender and shall be final. Please note there is a documented complaints process.
  18. The club has a documented Child Protection Policy statement.